Make only what sells

Apparel production is notoriously wasteful. But with our sell-first manufacturing platform, your business doesn’t have to be.

How it works

Our technology enables brands and manufacturers to make clothing in response to real-time sales – quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Set up

Connect e-commerce to manufacturing via the Trim platform. Then optimize and integrate product patterns.


Launch products quickly and with options for customer design and sizing input.


Automatically generate all manufacturing files from order data, including unique pattern markers.


Bundle orders together for efficient batch production, including cutting, sewing and QC.


Continuously improve products and workflows by collecting and acting upon data insights.

Oliver Lange from h&m beyond

Trim has not only helped us move closer to our sustainability targets, but by enabling us to offer customized products, we’ve also been able to reach new customers and reduce returns!

Oliver Lange, Head of H&M beyond.

Now you can...

custom clothing
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Increase profits,
decrease costs

Sell everything you make by making only what you sell. No more: 

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overproduction or stockout losses

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forced discounting to clear stock

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gambling capital on large pre-orders

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maintaining expensive inventories

Trim product  person selection tailor made shirt
icon customer centric

Make consumer
-centric products

Get more customer loyalty, broader appeal, and fewer returns. Whether through more inclusive sizing ranges or fully customizable garments, you can now offer each customer their perfect product.

icon sustainable

Be more sustainable
and transparent

Making your sustainability goals profitable is the surest way to achieving them. The Trim platform solves overproduction waste, improves transparency in your supply chain, and can even reduce shipping distances.

icon innovation

Unlock innovation-friendly supply chains

Build agility into your supply chains and collect data insights on consumers and changing trends, empowering you to consistently innovate and stay ahead of competitors.